Vegetable Seedlings and Bedding Plants

Posted on:
May 10, 19

All the plants are loving the sunshine and showers – they are are looking really lush!

The sales tunnel is full of bedding plants and vegetable seedlings, with more coming out for sale every day.

Check out the ‘Grow Your Own’ section for updated availability of vegetable seedlings, herbs, fruit bushes and fruit trees.

Meanwhile in the sales area outside:

The herbaceous perennials / cottage garden plants have filled out, some are flowering now, others with flower buds and lots more to follow. The peonies are looking particularly good with tight flower buds and a promise of a great show ahead.

The spring flowering shrubs are coming to an end now and the early summer flowering shrubs are starting to form buds.

A varied selection of climbing plants including lots of different varieties of Clematis, Honeysuckles, Jasmines, Wisterias….