The Nursery is overflowing with plants!

Posted on:
May 23, 14

The Roses are covered in flower buds and a few have started to bloom. The fragrance and striking colour of David Austin rose ‘Gertrude Jekyll’ is a taste (or should that be smell?) of a lot more to come.

Vegetable seedlings galore! 8 varieties of tomatoes, 5 varieties of beans, 2 varieties of courgettes, squashes, cucumbers, sweet corn, onions, rocket, beetroot, brassicas with more coming out every day. Have a look at the Grow your Own section of the site for more details.

The display house is full of lots of bedding plants for pots, baskets and borders.

Our large selections of herbaceous perennials are at various stages of flowering, budding and lush green growth.

Shrubs, Climbers, Alpines….