Late Summer / Autumn and Winter colour

Posted on:
Sep 21, 18

Late summer flowering herbaceous perennials and ornamental grasses.

Herbaceous perennials – varieties of Rudbeckias, Echineceas, Heleniums, Japanese Anemones, Asters, Verbenas and Sedums. All loved by the bees.

Ornamental grasses – Miscanthus, Stipas and Pennisetum

The fiery autumn colours on some deciduous plants are starting to put on their show – Cornus alba (dogwoods), Cotinus, Virginia creeper, Viburnums, grapes and blueberries.

Evergreen shrubs – Cordylines, Choisyas, Euonymous, Hollies, Cotoneasters, Phormiums, Hebes, Trachycarpus (hardy palm),

Mahonias and Sarcococcas are evergreen and have fragrant flowers in the winter.

Winter interest shrubs – Corylus/contorted hazel (twisted branches), Hammamelis/witch hazel (fragrant flowers), Viburnums (fragrant flowers), winter flowering honeysuckles, winter flowering heathers.

Heathers, pansies and violas for winter flowers and fragrant wallflowers for spring flowers can be used in borders, baskets, window-boxes and pots.