Potted Bulbs, spring flowering alpines, shrubs and perennials

Posted on:
Apr 1, 21

Spring flowering potted bulbs including daffodils, alliums, grape hyacinths, anemones and a large selection of potted tulips.

Hardy perennials – evergreen and spring flowering alpines, heathers, evergreen sedges, primroses, cowslips, lily of the valley, peonies….

Hardy, evergreen, spring and summer flowering shrubs including Camellias, Magnolias, Dwarf Lilacs, Phormiums, Ceanothus, Mahonia, Choisya, Philadelphus….

The late spring and summer flowering perennials are emerging and preparing for the big show ahead.

We are tiding up and bringing plants out for sale on a daily basis at the moment.

I will start to get some of the tender bedding plants and vegetable seedlings after this cold spell. The cosy propagation tunnel  is full.