Evergreen and spring interest shrubs, alpines, potted bulbs

Posted on:
Feb 28, 22

Some hardy shrubs that are looking good at the nursery now:

Fragrant winter flowering Lonicera, bright red stems of Cornus alba and twisted stems of Corylus contorta.

Evergreen shrubs and ferns including fragrant winter flowering Sarcococca and Mahonia, Skimmia varieties, Choisya varieties, Phormium varieties, Euonymous varieties, Azalea Varieties, Pieries….

Evergreen herbs including lavender, sage, rosemary, bay.

Potted spring bulbs including hyacinths, daffodils, tulips, grape hyacinths, alliums….

Evergreen and spring flowering alpines and herbaceous perennials – covered in flower buds.