Wreaths / Evergreens

Posted on:
Dec 7, 13

Flowering violas and pansies, autumn and winter flowering heathers.

Evergreen shrubs Choisyia Sundance and Euonymous  are great for pots especially with winter and spring flowering bulbs or violas and pansies around them.

We have got some ready filled pots with evergreens, flowering violas and pansies and spring bulbs – prefect present for Christmas!

A small selection of Winter and Spring Bulbs are available at the nursery for planting out now.

  • Allium christophii
  • Allium Purple Sensation
  • Anemone blanda
  • Chionodoxa forbesii Pink Giant
  • Crocus species mixed
  • Fritillaria meleagris / Snake’s head fritillary
  • Galanthus nivalis / Snowdrops
  • Ipheon uniflorum Wisley Blue
  • Ixia mixed
  • Iris reticulate Harmony
  • Miniature Daffodil Pipit
  • Miniature Daffodil Tete-a-Tete
  • Ornithogalum umbellatum
  • Puschkinia libanotica
  • Scilla siberica

A selection of Tulips are now in for planting.

 Tulip bulbs should be planted out when the soil is cold to avoid tulip fire, a Botrytis-type fungus. They can be planted any time between November and January.

  • Tulip Toronto
  • Tulip Praestans Unicum
  • Tulip Purissima
  • Tulip Double Red Riding Hood
  • Tulip Plaisir
  • Tulip Ancilla
  • Tulip Early Harvest
  • Tulip Scarlet Baby
  • Tulip Ballerina
  • Tulip White Triumphator
  • Tulip Black Parrot
  • Tulip Apricot Beauty
  • Tulip Queen Of Night
  • Tulip Cassini
  • Tulip Negrita
  • Tulip Blueberry Ripple
  • Tulip Rajka
  • Tulip Pirand
  • Tulip Albert Heijn
  • Tulip Carnaval De Rio

Selection of hardy herbs