The nursery is full of lovely plants!

Posted on:
Apr 14, 22

Vegetable and bedding plants, fruit trees and bushes, herbaceous perennials, herbs, shrubs, climbers, roses, ferns ornamental grasses…. More plants coming out for sale on a daily basis.

Fingers crossed, we’ve seen the last of the cold, frosty nights.

Our popular sweet peas are out for sale and going fast.

Our first batch of tomatoes are also out for sale Рthese are frost tender and will need to be hardened off before planting out. Get them if you have a frost free site where you can pot them up for planting out later. This year we have 11 different varieties! РAilsa Craig, Gardeners Delight, San Marzano, Honeycomb, Tumbler, Tumbling Tom Red and Yellow are out now. Patio Plum, Sweet Aperitif and Totem will be in 2 weeks.

I have updated the ‘Grow Your Own’ section of the website. Click on the links for availability of vegetable plants, fruit bushes, trees and herbs.

A nice selection of spring and summer flowering Clematis…