Autumn colours

Posted on:
Sep 17, 19

Late summer flowering shrubs, herbaceous perennials and ornamental grasses.

Shrubs – Caryopteris ‘Kew Blue’, Hebe ‘Great Orme’.

Herbaceous perennials – varieties of Rudbeckias, Japanese Anemones, Asters, Verbenas and Sedums. All loved by the bees.

Ornamental grasses – Miscanthus and Stipas.

The fiery autumn colours on some deciduous plants are starting to put on their show – Cornus alba (dogwoods) and Cornus kousa, Hammamelis (witch hazel), Virginia creeper, Amelanchiers, Physocarpus, Ceridiphyllum japonicum (Katsura tree).

Evergreen shrubs – Cordylines, Choisyas, Euonymous, Hollies (covered in berries), Cotoneasters, Phormiums, Hebes and Trachycarpus (hardy palm).

Mahonias and Sarcococcas are evergreen and have fragrant flowers in the winter.

Winter interest shrubs – Corylus/contorted hazel (twisted branches), Hammamelis/witch hazel (fragrant flowers), winter flowering honeysuckles, winter flowering heathers, winter flowering jasmines, Hollies and Pyracanthas (covered in berries) .

Evergreen herbs – lavender (covered in flowers and buds), rosemary, sage, bay and thyme.