Wreaths, evergreen & winter interest shrubs.

Posted on:
Dec 14, 18

Evergreen & Winter interest shrubs

Evergreen shrubs – Cordylines, Choisya Sundance and Aztec Pearl, Euonymous, Varigated Hollies, Cotoneasters, Phormiums, several varieties of Hebes, Trachycarpus (hardy palm),

Mahonias and Sarcococcas are evergreen and have fragrant flowers in the winter.

Winter interest shrubs – red and green leaf varieties of Corylus/contorted hazel (twisted branches and yellow or red catkins in the winter), 2 varieties of Hammamelis/witch hazel (fragrant flowers in winter) – yellow or red flowers, 2 varieties of Viburnums (fragrant light pink flowers in winter), 2 varieties of Cornus alba/dogwood (red and yellow coloured bark).

Winter flowering heathers – 7 varieties in various sizes.

Evergreen perennials – Heleborus niger/Christmas rose – long lasting white flowers in winter and spring and Heleborus orientalis – shades of purple, reds, pinks and white in spring.