List of Plants

Please do not order from the lists below – they are not always available. Order from the latest availability lists in the ‘Looking Good’ section of the website and click on the links for ‘Looking Good – Ornamentals’ and ‘Looking Good – Edibles’.

Our range of plants varies depending on the time of year. Our range is always very extensive however and if you have any particular requirements or requests then it is best to ring or email us. Broadly speaking, our plants fall in to the categories below.

vegetable-seedlings Vegetable seedlings 10.4.20 bulbs Potted bulbs – March 2020 fruit-tree Fruit Trees – April 2020 fruit-bushes Fruit Bushes – March 2020 herbs Herbs – March 2020 roses Roses – April/May 2020 shrubs Shrubs – March 2020 wildlife-plants Herbaceous Perennials – March 2020Alpines – March 2020 climbers Climbers – March 2020