Sweet Peas and Tomatoes

Posted on:
Apr 17, 21

Our first batch of tomatoes are  out for sale – these are frost tender and will need to be hardened off before planting out. Get them if you have a frost free site where you can pot them up for planting out later. This year we have 10 different varieties! – Ailsa Craig, Sungold, Gardeners Delight, San Marzano, Sweet Aperitif, Honeycomb, Totem, Tumbler, Maskotka are out now and Patio Plum will be in 2 weeks.

Tomatoes -Ten different varieties!

 SOIL: Fertile well-drained soil or grow in pots with potting compost. Choose a sunny, sheltered spot.

CULTIVATION: Water plants daily and once flowers have started to appear, feed with tomato fertiliser every week to ensure the best fruit.

TRAILING TYPES – use in hanging baskets and containers. Bush variety – no need to remove side shoots.

  • Tomato ‘Tumbler’ – Trailing cherry tomatoes. Produces 2kg of fruit per plant! One plant per 12” basket.
  • Tomato ‘Maskotka – Produces a heavy crop of bite sized cherry tomatoes weighing 25-35g each, with a delicious sweet flavour.

CORDON TYPES – the aim is to create a single-stemmed plant. Snap out shoots that grow in leaf joints and when your plant has produced four sets of flowering trusses, pinch out the growing tip to ensure all its energy goes into producing fruit.

  • Tomato ‘Ailsa Craig’ – Bright red, medium sized fruits. Famous for its flavour. Matures early.
  • Tomato ‘Gardeners Delight’ – Cherry Tomato. Old favourite with great flavour.
  • Tomato ‘Sungold’ – Small, delicious tasting orange coloured fruit on long trusses. Ideal for salads.
  •  Tomato ‘Sweet Aperitif’ – Tasty bite sized fruits. Shiny red colour, thin skins and a sweet flavour.
  • Tomato ‘Honeycomb’ – Sweet, juicy orange-yellow cherry tomatoes with undertones of honey. Around 150-200 cherry tomatoes on every plant.

 BUSH TYPES No need to remove side shoots.

  • Tomato ‘San Marzano’ – Large plum tomato. Ideal for classic Italian sauces
  • Tomato ‘Totem’ – A dwarf bush variety suitable for containers.
  • Tomato ‘Patio Plum’ – A compact variety, ideal for Containers on Balconies, window sills and patios. Tasty mini plum fruits on trusses throughout the growing season.