Kokedama workshop/Bank Holiday Monday

Posted on:
May 12, 17

We’re in 5th gear, trying to keep up with the watering, potting up, sowing, pruning, weeding, cutting back, more potting up, top dressing…..it’s great!  The nursery is filling up very quickly and more plants are out for sale every day.
The frogs have had thier frantic mating season and the tadpoles have appeared in the pond – the next generation of slug killers!


Kokedama workshop as part of Chorlton Arts Festival on 28th May from 2pm to 3pm. 
Kokedama is the Japanese art of creating suspended plants growing from balls of specially mixed compost, wrapped in moss and tied around with string. It’s that simple. From this beginning, a dazzling variety of living sculptures from tiny trailing plants to small shrubs can be created. Kokedama can be grown inside, outside and are ideal for balconies and small gardens.

Join us for our workshop to learn this versatile and increasingly popular aspect of horticulture and create your own kokedama in the pleasant, peaceful atmosphere of Chorlton Plant Nursery. Booking is highly recommended, as places are limited. Email: nimira@chorltonnursery.com telephone: 0161 8818142 or come to the nursery to book.

Cost of workshop and kokedama to take home is £5.00 per person.