Perfect time for planting fruit

Posted on:
Mar 28, 19

Raspberry canes look like twigs at the moment but plant them out now 30 – 45cm apart and you will be picking raspberries from July to October this year! The variety we have got is ‘Polka’ with large, tasty berries.

Asparagus crowns – ‘Arianne’

Rhubarb crowns – ‘Victoria’

Gooseberry bushes – ‘Invicta’ and ‘Captivator’.

Blueberries ‘Duke’, ‘Chandler’ and

Fruit trees – Apple ‘Sunset’, ‘Spartan’, ‘Lord Lambourne’; Cherry ‘Stella’ and ‘Sunburst’; Pear ‘Concorde’; Plum ‘Victoria’ and Damson ‘Merryweather’

Broad beans  ‘Witkiem Manita’ and ‘The Sutton’ and Onion sets – ‘Sturon’ and ‘Red Baron’ are ready to plant out now.