Our New Website!

Posted on:
Oct 28, 12

Welcome to our new look website

We are still working on the website to make it more even more user friendly. It is a lot more personalised and easier to update, so hopefully we will be able to keep you better informed with what is happening at the nursery, with latest availability and plants that are looking good.

What a summer! It has been a total wash out most of the time. Every time we thought it was going to get better, the rain would return. The slugs and snails have had a field day. Even our hundreds of frogs couldn’t keep up with the feast at the nursery. There has been plenty of lush foliage growth over the summer but fewer flowers and for shorter periods. The frequent rain showers just battered them. The late summer flowering herbaceous perennials are looking good though. Check out more photos on Facebook.

Please note our new opening days and hours for October and November. Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 4pm.

Check here for opening days and hours for December when we will have our usual large selection of Christmas trees and hand made wreaths.