Nursery is open!

Posted on:
Mar 14, 18

Nursery has re-opened the gate to you all – a sure sign that spring is round the corner?

Exciting time at the nursery, especially in the propagation tunnel.

It’s lovely going in every day to see lots more seeds of all shapes and sizes have germinated. Even after all these years I’m still awe-struck by the magic of it all.

The sowing of vegetables, herbs and bedding plants seeds and cuttings of tender perennials will continue on the well-used propagation table for a few more months.

The first lot of seedlings and cuttings are nearly ready for potting up – sweet peas, tomatoes, hot peppers, marigolds, lobelia, cabbage, cauliflower, broad beans, snapdragons, cosmos….

Hard to believe that these little seedlings will be young plants in a couple of months and will be out in gardens, pots, hanging baskets, window-boxes, allotments…

The shrubs, climbers and herbs have been tidied up.

We have started working through our large selection of herbaceous perennials which are just poking out of the compost, tidying, dividing and potting up.

The bare root fruit bushes and trees arrive this week…..

LOTS more of division, cuttings and potting up to do and of course, the inevitable weeding.