Ikebana and Kokedama workshops

Posted on:
May 3, 16

Ikebana is the Japanese art of flower arrangement with special regard shown to balance, harmony and form between the materials, container and the setting.

The materials are living branches, leaves, grasses, and blossoms. At its heart is the beauty resulting from colour combinations, natural shapes and graceful lines, and the total form of the arrangement.

Some of Junko’s work can be seen on www.ikebana-eastandwest.weebly.com

Please bring your own vase and any materials you want to use from your own garden. All other materials will be provided.

Booking in advance is highly recommended, as places are limited.

Price of entry:  £20 (includes flowers which you can take home after the session)

Kokedama is the Japanese art of creating suspended plants growing from balls of specially mixed compost, wrapped in moss and tied around with string. It’s that simple. From this beginning, a dazzling variety of living sculptures from tiny trailing plants to small shrubs can be created. Join us for our workshop to learn this versatile and increasingly popular aspect of horticulture. Kokedama can be grown inside, outside and are ideal for balconies and small gardens. Booking is highly recommended, as places are limited. Join us to create your own kokedama in the pleasant, peaceful atmosphere of Chorlton Plant Nursery

Price of entry:
Cost of materials used