Bank Holiday Mondays

Posted on:
May 5, 18

The cold beginning of March has set the plants back by about 2 weeks but they are catching up very quickly!

We’re in 5th gear, trying to keep up with the potting up, sowing, cuttings, dividing, weeding, cutting back, more potting up, top dressing…’s great!

The ground is warming up nicely and is lovely and moist after all the rain – ready to plant some hardy plants. A few suggestions –

Trees both ornamental and fruit, fruit bushes and canes, shrubs, roses,  climbers, alpines, herbaceous perennials….. They will romp away now.

The bedding and vegetable seedlings are thriving at the nursery. The first batches are out for sale now with lots more to follow.

4th batch of the sweet peas!