Easter Bank Holiday

Posted on:
Mar 26, 24

The nursery will be open throughout the Easter weekend – Good Friday, Saturday, Easter Sunday and Easter Monday from 10am to 4pm. Hope we get some decent weather.

It is all go in the growing area:

Propagation tunnel – seeds are being sown and germinating on a daily basis – it is still awe-inspiring even after the millions of seeds I’ve sown over the years! The first lot of seedlings and plug plants have been potted up – sweet peas, petunias, lobelias, begonias, geraniums….also brassicas, onions, broad beans, dwarf french beans. The first lot of tomatoes got potted up today – 8 different varieties this year….

Potting tunnel – hardy perennials are being potted up, divided, pruned back and tiding up.

Sand beds – hardy perennials and shrubs are being pruned, weeded and tidied up.