Blueberry Bushes and Vegetable Seedlings

Posted on:
Apr 15, 15

The blueberry bushes are covered in flower buds, each one a prospective blueberry fruit!

Some of the vegetable seedlings are out for sale. They will all have to be hardened off properly, ideally in an unheated greenhouse or cold frame.

Broad bean ‘The Sutton’, Pea ‘Hurst Greenshaft’, Lettuce ‘Cancan’ – cut and come again variety, Courgette ‘Green Bush’ – green fruit and ‘Goldrush’ – yellow fruit, Dwarf French bean ‘Tendergreen’ – bush variety and Borlotti bean ‘Borlotto Supremo Nano’ – red pods .

The tomatoes out now are ‘Ailsa Craig’ – reliable cordon variety, ‘Tumbler’ – trailing variety and ‘Sun Gold’ – cordon with yellow cherry fruit.