Propagation Tunnel

Posted on:
Apr 8, 15

The seedlings and young plants have thrived in the propagation tunnel. Every inch of space has been used up with vegetable seedlings and bedding plants. Once they have rooted through, we will gradually be hardening them off and getting them out for sale.

Broad beans ‘The Sutton’ are out now, Peas ‘Hurst Greenshaft’ will be out this weekend and tomoto, courgette and lettuce seedlings will be out next weekend.

This year we have got 8 different types of tomatoes. 3 trailing varieties – ‘Tumbler’, ‘Tumbling Tom Red’ and ‘Tumbling Tom Yellow’, ‘Ailsa Craig’, ‘Gardeners Delight’ – cherry red, ‘Sun Gold’ – cherry yellow, ‘Tigerella’ – stripy and ‘Totem’ – dwarf bush.