• Plant your raspberry canes now for cropping this season.
  • Sow new lawns or repair bare patches
  • Prune Fig Trees
  • Divide bamboos
  • Plant out sweet peas and prepare a trellis or wigwam support for them to climb.
  • Plant out potted bulbs. We have a large variety of bulbs for sale.
  • Continue to plant herbaceous perennials such as GeraniumAstrantia and Oriental poppies.
  • Plan a continuous crop of cut flowers for this summer. Perennials such as Delphiniums and a variety of annuals can be grown to produce a useful and beautiful display.
  • Plant up your hanging baskets for the summer. We recommend 4 plants for small baskets, and 5 for large, with an upright plant such as Fuschia or Geranium in the centre and sets of trailing plants for the outside such as Bacopa or Lobelia.  For a tastier basket why not try a basket with trailing strawberries or Tumbling Tom tomatoes
  •  Apply a general-purpose bonemeal fertiliser to borders and beds. Ensure that you follow the directions on the packaging and are fully aware of the ingredients in the fertilizer.
  • Put supports in place for perennials before they get too large.
  • Remove faded daffodil and tulip flowers but do not remove the green yet.
  • Replace your tired winter bedding. We offer a huge range of bedding.
  • Plant up an alpine trough. Alpines such as Sedum and Sempervivens can look their best at this time of year.
  • Top dress your containers with fresh compost which will not only benefit the plant, but make the whole display more attractive.
  • Remove any frost damaged shoots from evergreens damaged by earlier cold weather.
  • Remove any reverted green shoots on hardy variegated evergreens.