• Plant spring flowering bulbs and spring/winter bedding!
  • Divide any oversized herbaceous perennials
  • Cover leafy vegetable crops with bird-proof netting
  • Maintain hanging baskets by deadheading weekly.  Once plants start to fade replant with spring flowering bulbs, primulas, winter heathers, trailing ivies, pansies and violas
  • Deadhead Dahlia, Delphinium, Rosa and Penstemon to continue the display throughout September
  • Cut back perennials that are fading and dying back
  • Bring inside any tender perennials, such as Fuchsia, Gazania, and Abutilon, before frosts cause damage but for Dahlias and Cannas wait for the first frost before lifting the tubers or rhizomes.
  • Stake any tall late-flowering perennials such as asters to protect from windy days