• Plant your raspberry canes now for cropping this season.
  • Protect new spring shoots from slugs.
  • Top dress your containers with fresh compost which will not only benefit the plant, but make the whole display more attractive.
  • Lift and divide overgrown clumps of perennials
  • Early spring is an ideal time to plant herbaceous perennials, including GeraniumAstrantia and Oriental poppies.
  • Plant out potted bulbs. We have a large variety of bulbs for sale.
  • Continue to deadhead winter-flowering pansies and other winter bedding. When looked after pansies will carry on into the spring and even to early summer!
  • Make sure to establish your supports now in order to avoid later damage to the plant and to keep the supports discreet
  • Continue to plant deciduous hedging plants, shrubs, trees and climbers. Once evergreen shrubs and trees have been frost hardened (towards the end of the month) plant these out as well. We will advise you as to whether our evergreens are ready for planting out.
  • This is the best month for planting roses in heavy soils or in cold areas. Try not to plant roses in a spot where roses grew before as there is risk of transferring diseases.
  • Prune established bush and standard roses as they start growing but before any leaves unfurl.
  • Remove any reverted green shoots on hardy variegated evergreens, to prevent reversion taking over.
  • Cut back late summer and autumn flowering Clematis, if not done last month. Cut to the lowest pair of strong buds above ground level
  • Prune winter-flowering jasmine once the flowers have faded.
  • Trim winter-flowering heathers as the flowers fade. This will prevent the plants from becoming leggy and bare.
  • Nearer the end of the month repair your lawn by sowing grass seed over bare patches.